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Crucial 512 GB m4 2.5-Inch Solid State Drive SATA 6Gb/s CT512M4SSD2

Wish I had a Patriot Wildfire, Hard drives haven't improved much since the 15k rpm Seagate Baracuda first shipped in the late 90's until a few years ago when Crucial shipped the first PC SSD. I bought this one directly from the Crucial web site because it came (for extra $) with a kit specifically for my Dell XPS 8300 ... but alas it didn't fit (which the Crucial support sadly repeatedly lied about). It sounds from bracker reviews that this is a common problem (how hard can it be?!?). I would give the Icy Dock SSD HD Bracket a try if I was to do it again. My Crucial also came with no cable, but this was no big deal being one costs only $1-$4 (such as the OKGear 18-inch SATA III Cable with latch). With some drilling I was able to get three screws into the SSD bracket. I bought this drive because it seemed to be the most popular SSD and I've happily bought cheaper aftermarket Micron memory for three decades.

BUT, I now wish I had instead bought the faster Patriot Wildfire (or the Mushkin Chronos Deluxe) at Black Friday pricing. The Patriot is currently on sale for under two C notes (with a $50 coupon). The Crucial SSD drive worked with no Win 7 modifications (using Aconis TrueImage Home to clone the boot drive). As such, it boots with password in about 30 seconds including a sprinkling of extra OEM software and I get a 1543 PassMark result (good for a lot more than just games - ha ha). Comparing this result online (see first comment) shows there are MANY faster drives with the Patriot Memory 120 GB Wildfire Solid State Drive (PW120GS25SSDR) being the fastest 120GB drive (and not just by a little bit but is almost twice as fast). Live and learn.
solid state hard drive, (What's this?) This is a very good drive for the price,the only disadvantage is its size.
by the time you get all of windows drivers and updates loaded on it theres not much space left for games and such.

Over all its a good fast hard drive but i wood by the 128 instead of the 64 next time i by one.
Buy this SSD!, (What's this?) Seriously. Look at the reviews for Crucial M4 drives, then look at the reviews for all the other brands.
I like it., (What's this?) It is definitely a step up from most mechanical hard drives in term of performance. It seems to work well, so far.

Pros: Fast, silent and small.


- Price
- The 128GB model is slower than the 256GB one (still worth having).
Very Fast & Quiet, (What's this?) This is by far one of the best (and most expensive) components I have in my new PC build. Keep in mind, my previous computer had a Pentium 4 with an older traditional hard drive.

Now, with the newer setup, I'm using the Crucial M4 Solid State Drive with an Intel Core i7-2600. The difference in speed is beyond ridiculous. All programs load almost instantly, including Adobe Creative Suite. Boot time is about 10-15 seconds. Best of all, it's completely silent.

Two important things regarding this product:
1) Make sure it comes with firmware version 009 (or higher). Mine did, but some may not. The firmware version is written on the label of the drive. If it doesn't come with version 009, be sure to upgrade it BEFORE installing the operating system. You'll want to read instructions on their website on how to do it properly.

2) You will get better results using a SATA III port instead of a SATA II port.

Overall, this drive has been very fast and reliable. Since solid state drives are still fairly new, they're quite expensive compared to mechanical hard drives, but you get what you pay for.

Motherboard: ASRock P67 Pro3 B3
CPU: Intel Core i7-2600 @ 3.
Makes a world of difference in speed and super quiet!, (What's this?) You'e already read the good reviews. This Driver is awesome. I've had it over 6 months now and no problems as of yet. But, some advice I wish I had before I installed would've saved me a day or two of heartache. Be sure to update the driver for this guy. As soon as you install, update the driver because it does not come with the most updated drivers. Prior to updating, The only way I could access my comp was going through bios. I called Crucial Tech support and they walked me through the possible issue and it worked. The tech support is great, by the way! Good Luck.

I have an Asus U30SD and I'm running Win 7 on it.
Dead in the water, (What's this?) Connected this thing on two laptops and it was not recognized. Hoked it up to another machine as a slave and didn't even come up. Wrapped it back up and sent it back.
Very Happy, (What's this?) Very courteous service and the SSD is a great product.
excellent with a great price, (What's this?) this ssd is really the best that you can get for this price range , i wasnt sure if to buy this or the corsair products . but this ssd really blow me up , no problems at all , very fast and really works fine , i mean dont give yourself a headache and look for technical details , its fast , and its really fast . you have to update the drivers to get its full potential , but when you do that , its glitch free.

the only disadvantage of this ssd is that it doesnt come with a bracket , but for the price , its really ok.

i am buying the second one to have a raid 0 system ( both working together to make my pc faster) . thank you amazon for the great services.
Excellent drive for the current price, (What's this?) I've purchased the 512GB version to use as a primary drive for my PC. The product arrived promptly, in a proper packaging. Be aware though, the only thing in a (manufacturer's) package will be a drive itself - no cables (I didn't need any), no adapter/bracket to fit in 3.5" drive bays (but plenty of them available here at Amazon for less than 10 dollars). The drive already came with latest firmware (0009 at the time of this review), so currently there's no need to update it. After putting it inside of my PC I had to do a fresh Windows 7 install (I tried to copy old Win7 partition from previous drive, but there were few problems, so I just decided to do a fresh OS install and copy everything I needed from previous drive). Everything went fine - Win7 did a proper partition alignment by default, the TRIM function was also enabled by default, the only thing I needed to do after installation was to disable the Win7's defragmentation schedule (which for some reason was enabled). I've re-installed all necessary programs/games, copied all my documents, savegames and such (yes, I store them all on my primary drive). I didn't bother installing Intel's "Rapid Storage" drivers for Intel's SATA controller on my motherboard - I am not planning on setting up any kind of RAID in any near future, so I see no point in using them over Win7's default drivers. I will not bore you with useless (they can vary from system to system) numbers, suffice it to say that everything now loads significantly faster (including games and other programs), obviously not instantaneously (because different games/programs have different ways of loading/caching/swapping data to/from RAM and storage devices) but fast enough to NOT be annoying anymore. I am currently limited by the "old" SATA2 controller on my current motherboard (if you will look up reviews on internet you will see this drive is capable of faster than 300MB/s sequential read speed on SATA3 controllers) but even with this "handicap" I am perfectly satisfied with my purchase and the amount of $$$ I spent on it.

  • Quieter. Cooler. More Durable.
  • Performance - Improve boot up and application load times
  • Reliability - Withstand extreme shock and vibration
  • Quality - Crucial, a Micron company, is a trusted name in DRAM and SSD products
  • Compatibility - SATA 6Gb/s, backward compatible to SATA 3Gb/s

  • Quieter. Cooler. More Durable..Performance - Improve boot up and application load times.Reliability - Withstand extreme shock and vibration.Quality - Crucial, a Micron company, is a trusted name in DRAM and SSD products.Compatibility - SATA 6Gb/s, backward compatible to SATA 3Gb/s. Continuing the tradition of our award-winning solid-state drives, the Crucial m4 SSD offers mobile and desktop users scorching-fast read and write speeds, groundbreaking SATA SSD computing, and unparalleled performance for the dollar.

    The Crucial m4 SSD: raising the bar on Solid-State Drive technology.