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Corsair Hydro Series H100 Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler (CWCH100) Fantastic

My Corsair H-70 leaked and destroyed my high end motherboard., At first appearance, I was extremely excited about purchasing a Corsair H-70 Liquid CPU cooler. I totally liked the idea of how a massive CPU air cooler would no longer restrict the overall air flow in my new CM HAF 932. Also, just the thought of much less weight on my motherboard was very attractive to me. Finally, when I read the benchmarks on the Corsair H-70, and how it did a fairly good job of cooling, I was sold on it.

After reading many, many glowing reviews and absolutely stellar reports about Corsair's Liquid cooled H-70, I eagerly purchased one and installed it in my computer.

It worked well for about 30 days. Suddenly, one day when I can home I smelled the very strong odor of something similar to anti-freeze. My computer would not boot, and at first, I could not figure out what was wrong. Then I opened my computer case...

What I discovered was shocking.
More for tidiness than performance., (What's this?) I think there is a misconception for a lot of the general public when they hear about water cooling they begin to think it's the ultimate cooling solution. Sure water cooling can produce better results than air cooling, but that requires a much bigger system than this little thing. Heck this unit doesn't even cool as well as some cheaper air coolers. So this is why I say it isn't made for performance, though it will do alright if you do none to light over clocking. I have my i5 2500K to a fairly light OC of 4ghz and this is keeping my idle temps down to 36C and load is around 55C. So it definitely gets the job done, but I think it would fail before my processor hits the wall. The performance can be made slightly better by using two matching 120mm fans to push/pull the air through the radiator. This will help increase the amount of air going through the radiator which in turn increases it's ability to disipate heat though there is only so much you can do with that small of a radiator.

The installation of the unit is very easy though the instructions have absolutely no text and only pictures. I was so annoyed trying to get the bottom bracket to line up with the holes on the mobo then I realized the screw holes could be slid up and down to custom fit it. That was probably the hardest part since the instructions didn't give any implication that those parts moved, though I did eventually figure that out. The tubing also feels pretty stiff, I was expecting something more like silicone that would be more flexible.
Cools Like It Say It Cools......., (What's this?) I like it. It's quiet, looks great, and it cools like it says. I'm running an intel i5 2500k OC at 4.5GHZ and this baby idles at 23c and 61c full load. I have this baby on the first fan speed setting not even the 2nd or third, and it still runs cool and quiet. I think my new DF-85 case has a lot to do with this also. My DF-85 gas 8 cooling fans, so that helps a great deal. I'll post some photos Later to show how it fits and looks.
Fantastic, I got one of these for the cooling on my new system build (i7-3960x in a Corsair 650D case). It is far quieter than my previous air-cooled system, and the pump is completely silent. My idle temp is around 33 degrees C, spiking to 51 if I run a huge 3d Max render.
And the whole system runs cooler, (What's this?) I mounted mine in a Thermaltake Level 10 caseThermaltake Level 10 GT Super Gaming Modular Tower Computer Case VN10001W2N (Black). The case is designed to take liquid cooling systems so no holes or Mods to the case needed. I did have to get longer screws for the way I mounted the radiator. The case design would have you pull out the exhaust fan on the top of the case to mount the radiator, but I mounted this over the case fan and used the coolers fans to mounted under everything. I have a cooler sandwiched between two sets of fans, and my system runs GREAT. Case temperature is only a little above room temp. Fans don't have to spin as hard and noise is reduced also. This is the way to cool your CPU.
Very nice, significant drop in tempurature, I ordered this from New Egg last week, but it's $12 cheaper here.

Out of the box I was very impressed. The quality is very good. No bent fins or any other problems.

The setup wasn't too bad.
H100 - No Exception to Corsair Quality, PSUs, speakers, keyboards, etc. - Corsair is solid.

I bought the H100 as a bit of a splurge. Didn't need it but do run my 2600k overclocked currently at 4.5ghz, stable on stock air. I'm going to see what this bad boy can do. I hear you can get up to 5.0ghz with the 2600k stable. Currently running at 4.5ghz between 11c (51f) idle and 43c (109f) under load.

The H100 is nice quality from Corsair, which has been my general experience with all Corsair products so far (PSU, Speakers, Keyboards).

The install manual was completely graphical. Make sure you check it out thoroughly before installation. Look over the parts closely so that you understand each step involved in the installation process. I didn't quite do this and was scratching my head a couple times for a few minutes.

Installation of the H100 was fairly easy. I installed in a Corsair Carbide Series 400R chassis. I had concerns for the fit due to proximity of the motherboard. The 400R chassis has the dual fan vents on the top of the chassis so securing the radiator was a snap. I installed the fans on the radiator first before screwing the radiator/fan unit to the chassis. Plan where you want the fan power leads to be located before randomly attaching the fans to the radiator. I had concern regarding the length of the screws for the fans. They're supposed to screw into the radiator fins and do not come into contact with the circulation tubes. Be gentle when tightening and don't over torque.

The top power lead on my Asus P8Z68 Deluxe mobo was compressed against one of the fans. It was an extremely tight fit only due to this positioning of the plug. I could have modded the fan by dremeling out perhaps a quarter inch. I could have also mounted the radiator/fan unit over a quarter inch to give room, by drilling holes or mounting in the 140mm mount holes instead of the 120mm on the top of the 400R. It worked out alright just by being careful not to bend but be firm/gentle enough to position the board to secure to the chassis without bending the power lead/mount.

Yes, you will need to remove your motherboard to mount the CPU bracket. Mounting the CPU bracket to the mobo was straight forward. I mounted on an Intel i7 2600K Socket 1155. It mounts to many different socket types that I'll include in some quick specs at the end. Be careful to firmly finger tighten and not over torque. It comes with an AMD bracket that you can swap for the stock installed Intel bracket.

The two 120mm fans, that you mount to the radiator, plug into the CPU cooler itself, right beside the power lead that comes out of the H100. There are four plugs to accomodate four fans if you want to plug more than the stock two into the H100.
Best Way to cool PC, (What's this?) installing was bit of a hassle.. my first one actually had smoke comming out of it... the replacement worked well.. my pc never went over 40C overclocking.. i would reccomend using this with artic silver and the two step cleaner for MAX results.. always keep it on setting 3...
ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!, (What's this?)
working, (What's this?)

  • FEP tubing provides extraordinarily low coolant evaporation levels.
  • Push-button fan control so you can select the fan speed and cooling performance that best suits your needs.
  • Dual length 240mm radiator for increased surface area and cooling potential.
  • Two all-new 120mm fans optimize static pressure and airflow for amazing performance.
  • A new improved micro-channel cold-plate design more efficiently transfers heat.

  • FEP tubing provides extraordinarily low coolant evaporation levels..Push-button fan control so you can select the fan speed and cooling performance that best suits your needs..Dual length 240mm radiator for increased surface area and cooling potential..Two all-new 120mm fans optimize static pressure and airflow for amazing performance..A new improved micro-channel cold-plate design more efficiently transfers heat..

    The Hydro Series H80 and H100: efficient cooling, simple installation, and the power of Corsair Link Digital. The digital fan control button allows you to select between Quiet, Performance, or Balanced modes.